2018 – My New Year Message

New Year 2018. At this time new beginnings and resolutions are the hot topics. People see the start of a new year as the time for change. But not all the changes that are resolved are kept up as time goes by. So I say make no changes, resolutions or commitments. Let the only change be the date written to show which year we are in. You’ll get less stress from doing this.

Since the most common chase if the search for more money let me help you with it. Stop saying you want and need more money! Start thinking about what good things you do and will do to get more money. Stop procrastinating and keeping the bad times from your past in your present thoughts and actions. Start doing small things every single day based on your thoughts of what good things you can do to and saying what you will do when you get more money.

Let the things you do and how great you do them become more valuable than the money you get and the things you can buy. Seek the dream, the doing, not just the money! This is so much better than just having money without a happy and passionate connection to how you earn and make money.

Life really is as simple as you make it, or as tough and hard as you allow it to become or continue to be. You can keep waking up with your worries and sorrows on your mind. Or you can start and keep waking up with your happiness and excitement to still be alive. The choice is always your to make or allow to be made. Your feelings tell you which one you are doing.

It's what you think book

Yes you could keep saying life is hard and if you had money or family with money all would be better. A mind stuck in poverty thinking misses the true value of money and having lots of it. The rich thinker feels the motivation and the deserving receipt of money for services personally and happily given. The rich thinker joins the living in a total passionate union to last a lifetime. If you don’t feel what this means then you ain’t living rich, even if you have money.

“Count your blessings every day” my Mum always said. This is the way to make life get better.

And it just keeps getting more amazing. Happy New Year…

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