Faith: What Can You Believe In Now

It's what you think bookFaith. We are all told to have faith. Keep to it and all will be ‘Ok‘. Watching the news tells a different story and gives a different answer. Maybe good news doesn’t sell. It seems some have lost faith of any kind. And they have good reason to do so. Maybe money is the new ‘God’ that many are enslaved to. But lets be honest. Those with money generally look unhealthy in body and mind. But that doesn’t stop the majority of people wanting to be just like the so called ‘Rich people’. What you think and believe is everything.

Myth Was The Teacher Of Faith

For many ages stories have been told and grown in status and voluntary belief to become myths. In the passage through the stages of life people learnt these stories. Their faith, was formed and built based on the positive and negative messages that underlined the myths. In youth attitude was directed by the wisdom and messages in myths. People where prepared to enter adulthood with the knowledge that would allow them, urge them to become valued members of society. Does this still happen? Unfortunately not.

Myth is created in the present in our time. The rules are being written and amended as time moves on. Therefore it can be hard to conclude on the founded rules that should never be broken. Morals and practices are twisted and adapted to meet personal aims. The subject of survival is allowed to uphold thoughts and actions that would have been rebuked. This can change. In truth personal choice can produce better things that orders from leadership. But something has to create the opportunity for positive change.

Believe in Yourself 


It may seem that there is no way up, all ways leading down. But this is not the truth. Everyone wants a better, safer and happier life. Many are in positions were this is far beyond a dream, outside of possible reality. It is still possible to make it happen by individual stubborn choices and actions. Simply put people have to make change for their own good. No more waiting and wishing for it. If people can commit to doing bad things they can also commit to doing good things.

Faith in self is the key. When you believe in yourself there are more possibilities. Those who harbour self love have energetic confidence. Thus you should become this type of individual person for your own good. Like ripples in water when a small stone has been thrown in your individual action will create waves of positive change. 

In conclusion, the first faith is faith in self. 

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