FYI – Be Kind In Your Mind


Be Kind In Your Mind. This is how to be good to yourself. You will never fully understand how powerful your mind is. You don’t have to. It is an influential creator of your individual existence. You take control of it or you just let it lead you to wherever you get to. It can create actively and passively. Put simply this means that inside you become what you think about most. Your body reacts immediately to your thinking mind. This happens for good and bad thoughts. So the least you should do is be kind in your mind. You do this by thinking ‘good’, for your own good and the good of all. If you don’t think you can do it that’s the first thought you need to let go.

My mother always told me to be kind in my mind. At first I didn’t listen or fully understand what she meant. Mum would tell me to watch what I thought and said in my words because it would happen. I thought it was a magical thing that she knew about and I didn’t. As I grew I realized that being kind in your mind is the disciplined way the human mind had to work to be at its creative best. AnythingMum would tell me not to worry about anything because if I did it would make things much worse. It took me many years to appreciate and accept it. A worried mind can’t think clearly and effectively. All worrying does is create more worries.

Don’t waste your time asking why you should do this, stacking up obstacles against it in your thoughts. Life is way too short to waste it being against yourself. There is a positive selfish side to being kind in your mind. It’s a mirror effect. Your thoughts create and display your life. When you think of good things and results in your life it will make you feel great from moment to moment. Do it every day and you’ll start looking for the good in all situations, even if the only ‘good’ is that you have learnt something. You’ll become a true winner growing in all experiences and situations. Life will become what you think it is: a good thing.  

Make a great start by letting go of all reasons or excuses for not doing it. You can’t expect the rest of the world to think and do good if you won’t do it also.  You can blame the world for what you don’t have but it will only make your life worse. Don’t wait for others to do it. Set the good example by doing it yourself. Be kind in your mind, right now. Start thinking of the good things that you want in your life. Start doing something to make it happen. The truth is when you let yourself think of actually getting the good things you want you are doing something great to help it to happen. 

Yinks-MagicToo many people are fixed on obstacles in their own minds because of how they think. With all the negative discussions and fears that circulate in the media no one can be blamed for being infected with negative energies. You must set yourself free. Get all the help you can. Surround yourself with positive energies from within your mind and outside yourself. Affirm to yourself the best. Say “I am good. I am always getting better, even when I can’t see or appreciate it”.

Know this. What you think and believe is what is always coming to you. Even if you don’t fully believe that good things will happen start saying that they will. Be definite about what good things you would like to have. And be definite about what good things you will give. Just do it here and now. Take it one day at a time and keep doing it. I totally promise you that you will be glad that you did.


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