It’s About Time You Got Happy!

Happiness. What is it really about?

Happy. You should be happy! When? Right now! But what is happiness? There are many answers to this vital question. I think it is about how you think and feel in the moments of here and now. Happy in this moment, this hour, on this day. It’s about knowing what we think about most and how we really feel. Most of us worry over the future and feel pain over the past. I know, I have been there and suffered for it. The simple truth is true happiness is inside you. It needs to be ignited and kept fired up.

What happiness isn’t

Let’s accept that doing the following happiness is not. We hope to be happy some day. We waste life waiting for something to happen that will make us happy or happier. We wait for the ‘right time’ to come. We find it hard to accept that the right time only happens when we go to it and create it in our thoughts and actions. From day to day we yearn for what we want and don’t truly enjoy what we have. This is not what life is about. This is not happiness. Happiness is a state of ‘being’. We become ‘Happy’ by chosen conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and actions.

Thinking happy

Happiness is found in happy thoughts based on a happy approach to life. It’s about being happy. The atmosphere at a festival or party displays it. You can think of and believe in all the excuses that stop you being happy. It will only push true happiness further away from you. But how do you get happy, stay happy and get good at getting it back when the moments of life remove it? You have to seek, find and follow your own ways in your own thinking mind. It is one of the great quests we all take on, directly and indirectly, consciously and sub-consciously. We all will do better with guidance to help us on our way.

You will know when you have reached this inner divine state of mind when all you think, say and do is powered by a happy positive mental attitude. It’s a higher state of mind. The clouds of sadness still come but you have more power to allow them to pass by and be gone without taking hold in your present. When you think and feel anything other than happy you stop and do nothing. This is the hard part, keeping this attitude when things outside you bring sadness and pain. This can be hard to accept and believe. But this is also when your happiness is powerful in directing your positive actions to best deal with what faces you. The key is not to force it. Think happy or think nothing!

The pursuit of happiness

Well, here’s what some call a secret. You ask, believe and receive material and financial wealth. That’s outside. I work with inner strength and power. It’s about building inner mental wealth before outer material wealth can be truly manifested and fully enjoyed. Nothing will ever happen outside of you to make and keep you happy. You only get happy when you choose to in your own mind. It doesn’t only matter why you choose to ‘think happy’. It matters also how you think happily and make the conscious choice to have and keep a happy approach and mental attitude.

You should strive to apply this approach to everything. Why? Simply because it makes you feel great right NOW! You will have to fight the many socially accepted practices and rules on what you should think and do. So don’t always tell the tales of your happiness and how you keep it. Just show it. Your individual conscious choice to keep a happy approach will both protect and empower you. Your most worthy opponent is your own self. The thoughts and beliefs you currently hold will scream at you not to change, though this can change to become your total supporter in time.

What happiness means to you

I could tell you that you should do everything so you can get materially wealthy in your life. I could say don’t bother with your mental wealth. Remember buying things comes and goes. Mental and physical is the true combined wealth that we all deserve. Without inner happiness you can never fully appreciate and be excited by any material thing. Your mental wealth and can only be created and built in your mind. You may not know of or accept this. But it is universally true for all human beings. It is not just the stuff of myth and tale. Your mental health is your true wealth. It’s the key to everything that really matters. It is the creator and holder of your happiness and joy, abundance and enjoyment. In your thinking mind you create and build your whole life. Your inner happiness is your power and fuel.

When a positive mental attitude is kept and it feeds a happy approach all good things become possible. The hard bit is keeping your own happy thoughts about what is happening and will happen to you in your future. Followed one day at a time life will become your truly amazing experience. And it will keep getting better.


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