Make Good Today

Thinking good

It’s time to think good! Answer these prosperity questions:

What would you think about if I said you are going to make good today?


What great things come into your mind that you would like to manifest in your physical reality also?

Good. Lets make good. I want you to give your best efforts to answering these 2 questions. Make believe that you can have anything, yes anything that you truly want. As Rev Ike said “I draw you into my consciousness and reality of love, success, prosperity and good fortune”. I add great health in your mind and wealth of every kind. Let’s get your life powered through your thinking mind.

Get prosperity

No matter what you believe in make sure it’s good to you, totally good. Mastering your thinking mind and creating the life you truly want to live is something you can definitely do. But you will only get what you think and believe you can have. You are ‘Rich’ because you think richly in your mind. You learn how to do this or learn how to survive and cope. Can you look good, feel good and be good? Yes, you can, if you think and believe that you can. It is the magic you have always had. And you are always using it, though not always to create good in your life. You have to reconnect with it on a spiritual level. I don’t talk of religion here. This is about the inner you that is your spirit. It’s about your levels of consciousness being in harmony with abundance.

Here is a great way you can begin. Watch what you say, especially about yourself. The power of your words is greater than you will ever fully appreciate. The words you say that start with “I am…” are the most important. The world outside you will keep urging you to pay more attention to it and ignore your inner self. It will alter the controls of your thinking, diverting them to fears and negative beliefs. You see yourself struggling instead of seeing yourself thriving in pure abundance. 

Think and become

If you fear anything you should fear having thoughts that don’t make you feel good. Plant seeds of fear in your mind and you will grow afraid. Plant seeds of hope in your mind and you will grow tired of waiting and they will turn into seeds of fear. But when you plant seed of loving good intentions in your mind you will cultivate abundance in your mind that will manifest in your physical reality.

Never begin your day with thoughts that don’t produce good feelings. Never close your day with thoughts that remove your natural attraction to peace and happiness. Go to sleep in a great mood and you awake ready to grow your abundance in happiness. Sleep in a bad mood and you produce poverty that will invade your mind with worries and pains. You must do whatever it takes to follow these simple realities. By follow I mean accept the result of your current state of mind that is being created right now. Listen to yourself, be aware of how you feel. This will tell you if you are making good today or if you need to show yourself love and change your thinking. It’s your happy approach to life that keeps your life happy!

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