Powerful words – Say something and mean it

Words Are Powerful

Words. Your words are all powerful. They can hurt the inner spirit, killing personal self-belief, confidence and motivation. They an also uplift the soul, building mental wealth of every kind. Both are a test of faith. Both will happen to all of us, plus all that is said between the 2 total points of good and bad. We can’t avoid this. Is there anything we can do?

“Say what you mean and mean what you say!”

EducationWe have all been told things that have made us feel bad, low, deflated. Its all in the words we use when we talk. Sometimes this happened just when you wanted to say a positive loving thing. It froze your mind to have to hear what you listened to. You feel tension building, tears welling, emotions and energies draining. But then you found clarity in personal acceptance of the true meaning of what was being said.


Watch What You Say

The power of the spoken word, thoughts becoming ‘Real’, has long been known of. Ancient texts from all over our world show this, along with myths and wisdom lost to the passage of the ages in time. But this is definite. The words you speak come to pass. You must watch what you say. For example, if you want a great relationship you must say that. You cannot keep saying you never meet the right person or it never works out for you. This goes against what you really want.

“Your thoughts come to life in your words. Your mind hears what you say and immediately reacts to it as part of your reality EVEN IF IT HAS NOT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!”

The truth is your words are more powerful than you may ever fully accept and appreciate. Listen to yourself constantly. Pay attention to what you think and say. This will tell you what you really ask for with your words. Make sure it’s what you really desire and want.

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