Stress: Please Don’t Let It Win

Stress kills! It creeps up on you and makes a home in your mind. The longer it stays the stronger its hold on your thinking mind becomes. It can take control of your attitude, your actions, your whole life. But that’s enough talk of the overwhelming negativity stress brings. It’s time to force your stress to be good, and gone. Ready!

StressLife is the wonderful thing we are all blessed to be living. Nothing should be allowed to get in the way of that. But lots of things happen that stop life from being so good. What should you do? Have a glass of wine and chill. Yes, you could do that. But this only delays the inevitable. Above all the time will come when you will have to face the situation with your mind and attention, willingly or unwillingly. The 2 extremes are letting stress direct your responses and actions or urging ‘self’ to take control and keep it positive.

It's what you think bookWhat do you do when you feel stress raining in your mind? Do you force yourself to find a solution? Or do you just ‘go with the flow’? Whatever you do it will be interesting to try doing this. Leave it alone, at least for now. Let go of the stressful thought or thoughts. In truth you can only do this if you occupy your thinking mind with another equally strong thought. Stress creates powerful thoughts in our mind, often energised further by our fears. An equally strong but positive thought needs to be energised by our joys.

An easy way to fill your thoughts is to dare to dream big. Yes, it is a dream. But you accept that it is also a possible reality in your future. This is the point were you must stop your mind from telling you all the reasons why it won’t or can’t come true, related to your past and present. Keep saying to yourself “This is a wonderful dream”. Let yourself feel the joy of the dream. Go as far as you can into the reality of the dream. Never allow yourself to wilfully add thoughts that don’t make the dream feel better to think about.

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You may find this exercise hard to do, at first. Persevere. Certainly it will produce peace in your mind and remove stress. So each time stress returns you will be stronger in your mind. You will be able to shift your thinking quicker. In time you will be able to learn spiritual faith in all good things coming to you, no matter what is happening in the present. Looking back on how you dealt with visits from stress will energise this faith.

Truly, you can and must remove stress!

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