Persevere. You Will Have Success When You Never Stop

A Successful Person In You

Successful people
Chief Dele Fajemirokun

What do you think of when you see a successful person? Do you see yourself? Maybe it’s it only the material wealth that you count and see. Success has many forms that can be different for different people. Of cause it includes having money. First of all it is so much more than money alone. It’s all about what you do, giving and being of service, and what you receive, the value given for your work. Maybe you think and believe that a successful person has never had to deal with failure or hard times. As my Uncle said “Nobody ever sees the failures in the successful person. But all successful people have had hard times. You must pay your dues. Stick with it. Persevere!”.

Successful Person
Femi Otedola

I am so luck to have grown up with positive influences all around me. Mum and Dad always said I will be as successful as I want and work to be. In my family’s words and life experiences they taught me to be defiantly positive because this is a key skill to achieving success in life. Together with perseverance, ethics and moral values, the requirement of success are revealed. Be a deviant, a positively successful one! In the inspirational and motivating examples of my parents and wider family I learnt how I would make myself a successful person. And then I would receive perfect pay for perfect work. To get there I had to win the battle within my own ‘Self’ and become fearlessly positive in thought, attitude and resulting progressive action.

Start Now! Become a Successful Person

Aliko Dangote

Certainly I have not always followed this great advice and personal life coaching. I have allowed the experiences of life to change my focus and intentions. But that has not changed my thoughts and beliefs on success and how to become and continue being a successful person. Life is in the moments that we call ‘Now’. Past has gone. Hence keep the good from it in the present and use it to create a greater future. My hard times have fired my perseverance and energised my creative thinking. And now it’s your turn. That is if you want to truly become a successful person.

Count Your Worthy Successes Every Day.

Successful person

In truth they will come when you may not expect or appreciate them. Never just count money and material things. Here’s some of I count first to prove I am a successful person who will continue with growing successes:


  • Powerfully praise the daily success of never leaving the dirty dishes in the kitchen, even when I would rather just go and rest.
  • Gratefully praise myself on my daily successes in paying attention to my wife and children, looking for and taking opportunities to be of help in some way.
  • Honestly praise myself on the success of showing love for and to myself and others every day.
  • Above all in the moments of now I praise myself for always being ready and willing to see and believe in the best results coming, no matter what is happening now.

In conclusion, when you see a successful person they are driven to that success through rain and shine. Therefore they deserve it! And you can to. Truly, you too can be a successful person!

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