Time. Spend Lots Of It Making More Special Happy Memories

Time waits for no one

Time is the gift that’s greater than all others. As it passes by we gather memories. The journey of life in the body is a mystery to us all. But it doesn’t have to be understood for us to make best use of our time. I think it can be left in the realm of the unknown, with the addition of positive anticipation of further good. At the memorial for a great friends loved grandmother today these thoughts and thoughts of the passing of my mother some years ago ran through my mind. In addition my focus on the value of life, creating and living in the moments of happiness, nurtured my vibrations. Let some sunshine on your face every day. That’s what I kept thinking.

Time, memories, rememberanceThere were still thoughts of loss even though it was also accepted that 98 years of life deserves celebration. Seeing many who I grew into adulthood with made the day warm and affectionate in so many ways. I talked with a great friend and fellow life coach, revelling in the mutual upliftment in our conversation. And then I felt warmth and pride talking with a young professional man who I have know since he was 4 years young. With respect and humility I shook hands and hugged the learned ladies and men that I am honoured to have grown up with. It was a truly special day, a memorable time.

Make your time count for something

Time, Life coaching

We all come into this world and stay for a limited time. What will your time in life count for? You can make it something good, something memorable, something special. Above all it is your choice to make, no matter what you will have to do to actually make it happen. Therefore, don’t just let life pass you by. Let each day be what it is: A new day! Be the sunshine that you want to see. Trust me, the rewards are instant.

In conclusion do all you can to create happy memories every day. You won’t regret it.

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