Why Should You Care

As I opened the door this morning I could smell the cold in the air, and feel it too. Not a great feeling. I felt my whole body asking why I was leaving the warmth and going into the cold. I felt the pain of not having enough sleep. And the reality of not having the time to catch up.

It's what you think bookWhy should you care about this? Because sleep is the magic that makes us feel good and re-energises our bodies and minds. Without it you cannot be at your best. Add in a bit of sickness from the many bugs and viruses that infest us and you could feel not so good. There must be something you can do to feel better. Your thoughts are the answer. it’s positive now, always seeking ways and means to get more positive.

When you start your today there is so much that could happen. Your thinking mind sets the tone by giving you the constant thoughts you have been giving to yourself. Your deeper subconscious mind kicks into action to protect you. It’s your dominant side that can be changed, but that will take as long as it takes. So you are under the control of your mind and how it currently thinks. This is a negative place. It will grow deeper the longer it is left and allowed to last.

This is a powerful reason why you should care about yourself. Your mind is directing your days and predicting and controlling your life. It will remind you of good things, strengths and powerful accomplishments done, telling you today will be greater because ‘Yes, you can’ and ‘Yes, you did’. That’s the good side where we all began in our younger energised days.

A different thing happens if you have had a soul destroying experience that removed your thoughts and beliefs from the special positive beginning place. And now the mind reminds you of that and how it makes you feel. In efforts to protect you the mind can prevent you from from taking chances that could improve your life, warning you to take care and stick to what you know. It is getting you ready for the inevitable bad result that must come even if good things are happening now.

The only way you will know what your mind is currently doing for you is to listen and pay attention to your thoughts and beliefs. If you find what you don’t like it’s up to you to find and take action to change it. To do this you have to care deeply about yourself. When you care you will do anything to get better and keep improving. So as I walked out into the cold my deeper mind said “It’s a good thing you have your warm coat on. Get some Beechams and take it easy today. All is well and getting better!”.

There is no way around this. You should care about your own self every single day of your life. A very important part of you to care about is your thinking mind. Your constant thoughts become beliefs that support and promote your amazing life or control and prevent your days from being exciting and happy.

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