Laughing – It’s Medicine From Heaven

Laughing is wonderful

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Laughing is truly wonderful. Especially when you laugh so hard that you almost can’t stop. One of my motivation booster exercises in insight life coaching sessions uses laughter to empower relaxation and creative thought. It’s a heavenly medicine for sure! Because when you laugh you feel good. In addition, laughing makes you feel happy. That’s why comedians, funny comedians, will always get booked. We all know and appreciate the release and re-energising effect of laughter. It makes perfect sense to do it more.

Most of all when you can let yourself laugh you have increased power to get and stay happy. Life will bring you good and bad times. Just like it will rain on some days and the sun will shine bright on some days. Through your smile and laughter you can shine on all days. Trust me, it’s a great thing and you can do it!

You’re having a laugh

Can you think of something right now and make yourself laugh? If you can’t it may happen if you watch a program or film that you find funny. YouTube, Vimeo, TV shows or a good book. There are many outlets where you can find what will make you laugh. I find playing with our children or watching them play always makes me smile and laugh. Finding inspiration in laughter should become your daily release strategy to keep your energy filling your spirit with happiness. Don’t waste all your time searching for nothings. Seek what will fire your laughter.

I became a life coach to spread happiness and inspire positive creative personal thoughts and actions. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It makes me smile and laugh thinking of all the people I have truly helped. Laughing is on of the gifts I received for finding my true purpose. And I share the path to connecting with it now. Never stop yourself from smiling for if you do you will also stop laughing. Life without laughter is life without sunshine. Be alive, keep laughing and keep shinning.

In conclusion let yourself laugh more each day. You’ll feel better for it. Get Happy!

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